Programming can be a scary term. When you hear programming you probably think of endless lines of code that all looks like a different language. Well it is all true! Programming is the art of taking those lines of code and creating a computer program that can make your user experience or work flow more enjoyable or more efficient. Don’t let the thought of a complex program scare you though, Webfoot makes it an easy experience to take your custom programming concept from paper to product quickly. Webfoot has broken down Programming to two basic levels: Web Development and Stand Alone Applications. Below you will find a brief description of each type of programming to help you decide which would be right for you.

Web Development

Programs are not just for PC’s anymore. The internet is everywhere. It is on our cell phones, home computer, and even our video games. Most programs these days are internet ready. They can be programs installed on your desktop that uses the internet, or they can reside on a web page. Web design is the art of displaying data through a web browser using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web development is the art of creating dynamic content to be displayed in a web design. A very common example of this is a company directory or listing. The information for the directory is stored in a database and is shown on a website dynamically. It is possible to create separate HTML pages for the directory, but if your directory is constantly growing or is a large directory, it might take a long time to change/update every page. For this reason most people opt to use web development programming for this type of application. One change in the database propagates through the entire site with a very small percentage of actual work in comparison.

Desktop Application Development

Webfoot has years of experience in programming desktop applications. A desktop application is the type of program that is installed directly on your PC. Most often, desktop applications are business related. Webfoot has programmed anything from a simple time clock to advanced accounting software. Webfoot concentrates on the requirements and specifications to get your concept correct from the beginning. You can be assured with the experience and the process that Webfoot uses, that our desktop application programming will exceed your expectations.