This page explains some custom programming projects that we have worked on through the years. These products are not available to the general public, but this will give you an idea of the kind of projects that we can help you with.

Inventory software

This program was created for a manufacturer and distributor, using EDI standards to receive orders from retailers, and send ship notices and invoices. The program helps keep track of inventory, orders, plan production and integrate with accounting. This software has been active since the early nineties and has been redesigned and upgraded several times. It currently runs as a network based desktop application at the manufacturer’s location.

Scheduling, clients, estimation and work order tracking software

This program was originally created for a service company and later expanded to work for a franchise network. It started as a desktop application, was later recreated as a network application, and currently runs as a web application with desktop and mobile-friendly front ends, helping over 300 franchises on their day to day operation.

Association Management Software

This was a desktop application used to manage different associations, including memberships, registration, events, merchandising, marketing, communication tracking and more. One of the associations once challenged us to create a reporting module capable of creating any report! We used some artificial intelligence to solve that problem. This program is no longer in use or available.

Animal registry

This program was created for an animal association and registry, to keep track of certified breeders, their animals and genealogy and provide paperwork on their animals. This program is no longer in use or available.

Fitness clubs membership and billing software

This program was created for a billing company offering services to fitness clubs. It uses lots of parameters to define the contracts, pricing, billing functionality -including credit card and ACH payments-, keep track of contract renewals, delinquent members, cancellations, etc. Some additional services were implemented later, such as integration with website and bar code check-in. This program is likely to be recreated as a web application.

Picture Reporter

One of our favorites for its simplicity and functionality, Picture Reporter allows creating photo reports and quickly experiment with different layouts without all the complications of trying to do it through a word processor or presentation program. Originally sold as a desktop application, distributed through a demo CD and downloadable installation, a variation of this program was customized and licensed by a national franchise network. Recently, a web based version was implemented and is currently offered to the public.

Take-Off Calculator

A simple tool to calculate the exact linear and square footage totals for all the components in a HVAC Mechanical duct system, from blueprints. It was originally offered as a desktop application and has been recreated as a web application, available to the public.

Shopping cart

Our shopping cart was created as an added service for our web design clients. The shopping cart was easy to customize and could implement different navigation modes and payment methods. It was implemented originally in Classic ASP. Although it is still used on some of our websites, we don’t promote it anymore. However we can set you up with an eCommerce solution based on today’s technologies and needs.

Bulk eMailer

We created a Bulk eMailing application as an added service for our web design clients, allowing to maintain a variety of lists and send mass mailings with mail merge fields, attachments, embedded pictures and more.