From the beginning, Webfoot has been involved in the development of custom applications for different kind of companies.

When there is no out-of-the-box solution for your problem, Webfoot can take your hand and walk you through the development cycle of your custom made application.

Through several meetings Webfoot will map your specific needs in order to create “Functional Specifications” and a development strategy, considering any special technologies that you may require, such as EDI, XML, HTTP communication protocols, Payment Gateways, SQL Server databases, client-server applications, network applications, web applications, special hardware, reports, Microsoft Office integration, etc. Once a Design has been approved, Webfoot will provide efficient coding, testing and on site installation, implementation and training.

Just to mention some of the custom applications that Webfoot has created, read our case case studies.

Webfoot uses object oriented languages and the latest technologies to provide you with maintainable solutions. Webfoot pays special attention to the Graphical User Interface -GUI- to keep your solution user friendly. Webfoot provides constant support, and when your needs evolve, Webfoot will be available to maintain your application to keep it up to date.

While developing custom applications is a highly technical service, Webfoot takes pride in handling the technical aspects of the process and keeping things simple for the customers

Webfoot uses Microsoft .NET (Visual Basic, C#, ASP), SQL Server, Microsoft Office integration, JavaScript, HTML integration, XML and offers integration with payment services and automated email generation.