Web development is the art of creating dynamic content to be displayed in a web design/page. In the old days, information for a website was stored within single HTML files. As websites grew, so did the amount of files that needed to be maintained. This got very difficult to maintain. Lucky web development came along to help everyone out.

With creative use of programming and scripting, web developers were able to provide a dynamic experience without the same repetitive motions. A company directory of 200 Employees could have easily spanned 20 different pages to maintain. The same directory using database driven data could actually be reduced down to a couple of pages. This is the most common type of web development on the market today.

Webfoot realized the importance and future of web development years ago and has taken aggressive steps to ensure that the latest advancements in web development were at their fingertips. Webfoot has created custom content management systems, custom shopping carts, web based call center software, and online pictoral reporting software to name a few.